Online Brand Audit

Tour: Process Index
The Process Index measures how well your website engages potential clients.
Scoring MetricsThe Online Brand Audit scores the content and layout of your website for such items as setting expectation, next steps, payment options and any contact points. It is the part of the brand audit that speaks to your sales funnel and ability to lead clients to your conversion points.
Implementation PointsWe focus on what can be done to improve expectation, both in your content and through the design / layout of your website. Do people know what actions to take and what is going to happen next?
Product: Wireframe DevelopmentID incorporated can create 1-off versions of any page on your website and show you how to make changes to the layout in order to properly help lead clients to conversion points. The wireframes take into account your current design and make real action items that your web design company can build. { Read More }
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