Online Brand Audit

Tour: Education Index
The Education Index measures the quality and quantity of your online content that helps educate potential clients.
Scoring MetricsWe analyze the content on your website, blog or other online resources to see how well you educate potential clients and showcase your expertise. We review articles, FAQ, videos, podcasts or the content of your website to see if you properly help people understand how you can help them.
Implementation PointsThe implementation points will guide you through the necessary changes to your content - through addition or subtraction and help you understand and see the value of producing great content that showcases your businesses expertise.
Product: Social Media ServicesID incorporated can help you manage and create content without all of the hard work. We employ copywriters who will come up with a long-term content and education strategy, interview you on the subject (recorded for the podcast) and transcribe your thoughts into ready-to-release articles. The service allows you to focus on your business while also showcasing your expertise on blogs, your website or any other online destination. {Read More }
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