Online Brand Audit

Tour: Process Index
The Conversion Index measures your ability to convert visitors from potential clients into real, valued business leads.
Scoring MetricsWe analyze the areas of your website where people are meant to take action. We grade your website based on its ability to convert potential clients to leads through your online forms, calls-to-action, reporting and overall site layout.
Implementation PointsThe primary suggestions are aimed at helping you convert clients, and therefore focus on items such as calls-to-action, proper analytics setup, testing and optimization techniques. We show you how to help people share your content, sign-up for your services or become customers.
Product: Analytics Setup and ReportingOur team of certified Google Analytics Consultants can properly setup your sales funnel and report on a monthly basis about your improvements and goal setting. We can show you how well your site is performing and where the funnel is falling apart. Our team continually modifies and tracks your visits to optimize your conversion rate.
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