Online Brand Audit

Tour: Business Index
The Business Index scores and measures how well your business is presented online.
Scoring MetricsThe Business index is rated on metrics such as company information, biographies, service descriptions, photography and overall design and feel of your brand. We measure over 20 points including quality of testimonials, reviews, your presence on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as the overall quality of your primary website.
Implementation PointsThe Implementation Guide focuses on helping you understand the value of items your business may not be doing; such as collecting testimonials, writing case studies, improving the quality (or quantity) of content on your website and your overall social media strategy.
Product: CopywritingWe employ copywriters who can review your content, interview you about your business and write powerful copy that helps your potential clients really see your business properly. We also help your business collect and manage testimonials and often refer people to web design studios and photographers as part of this process. { Find Out More}
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