ID Incorporated service offerings:
Once your audit is complete, you are welcomed to sign up for any of our product offerings based on your audit results.
Increased Visibility Campaigns ID Incorporated can help you create and manage a PPC Campaign to help attract more customers to your website. This service is usually offered after any other implementation guidelines are complete in order to maximize the return on your advertising investment. If combined with the Analytics service, we can properly track your investment from ads to conversions and show you the ROI. Cost: We charge a 10% fee based on the amount of advertising you spend.
Social Media Writing ID incorporated employs copywriters who can set and manage a content strategy for your blog, articles, podcasts, or social media campaigns. We setup and record phone interviews, write informative articles based on your expertise, record podcasts and properly brand and promote your expertise. Cost: $500 per 4 article / podcast set. You get at least 4 articles AND 4 podcasts to promote online.
Copywriting ID Incorporated always suggests getting a copywriter to help you edit and refine your online content to be more effective and persuasive. Let a writer and editor do the work of properly informing people about your business and let your content speak to your potential clients in as professional and effective a manner as possible. Cost: $100 per hour.
Wireframe Development Our experts can develop a graphic version of any page on your website to show you and your web design team the necessary steps to take to increase conversions and help you maximize leads. The wireframe can be given to any web design studio to implement or can simply be executed by your internal team. The wireframe comes with a description and reasoning for each item on a page. Cost: $100 per hour.
Analytics Reporting There is value in properly reporting and tracking your online metrics. Our team of expert Google Analytics Consultants can go in and properly code and implement a sound strategy to track and monitor your data. We can setup items such as goals, benchmark data, historical trends, conversion rates and review everything on a monthly basis. This service is designed to help you track the overall success of your implementation strategy and to measurably improve your ROI.
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