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The ID Incorporated Team
ID Incorporated has worked with over 100 small businesses to help them add millions of dollars of revenues. Our team of experts is the reason.
Eric Bergeron is our director of Internet Marketing He oversees the development of each online brand audit. On most occasions, Eric will also present the online brand audit in our hour long meeting. Eric came to ID incorporated in 2003 after having started a successful blogging network and a nationally recognized web design studio. He has won entrepreneurship awards, media awards and had his company ranked on the Branham Group's Index of top IT companies in Canada. With over 10 years of relevant experience in web design, online marketing, search engine optimization, analytics - Eric is perfectly suited to analyse and rate your online branding. Eric has worked on over 500 separate website design projects and is responsible for SEO campaigns that have brought in millions of dollars for our clients. Eric is a certified Google Analytics Consultant.
Phil White is our lead Analytics authority He presents and monitors our clients analytics Reports. He is a certified Google Analytics Consultant and a PPC Campaign Manager. Phil's vast analytical resources allow him to properly delve into the metrics of your site and bring out the key performance indicators to better manage your online brand.
Frantz Nelson is our main point of contact with clients. He manages the intake and customer relationships. Frantz ensures all of our projects are properly managed and that our clients are constantly provided with the proper information. Frantz Nelson is our Customer Experience Manager. He comes from a service background with experience in various industries. He held the following roles; Service Representative, Technical Support Specialist, Account Executive & Account Manager for companies such as Microsoft Canada, BCE, Dun & Bradstreet, Unilever & Cadbury. With nearly 15 years experience in a service role, customer experience management was a natural transition.
We had a brand audit done and found it very helpful and insightful. We learned our strengths and weaknesses making "next steps" very clear. It was very professionally done, well presented and thoughtful.
- Brian Galbraith
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