Online Brand Audit

Take your online branding to the next level.
  • Detailed report that scores your brand on hundreds of metrics
  • Learn how to beat your competitors
  • 1 hour presentation to review our findings
  • Implementation guidelines for improvement
  • Each audit is performed by our team of experts
ID Incorporated's Online Brand Audit is a powerful way of scoring and measuring your entire web presence.

What is an Online Brand Audit?

ID Incorporated's Online Brand Audit is a means of scoring and analyzing your web presence; broken down by 5 major Indexes and over 150 different scoring metrics. The purpose is to give a measurable, thorough review of every aspect of your online brand’s ability to convert new leads.

What Do I Get With An Audit?

You get a detailed report on the current state of your online brand; analyzing the entire buying process from your customers perspective. The end result is a 1 hour presentation given by one of our experts, to review the audit scoring, talk about your online presence and review our suggested implementation points.

Why Do I Need One?

The Online Brand Audit gives you a real, 3rd party, independent review of your current online presence. We showcase what your competitors are doing and how you can beat them with achievable, actionable implementation items.

Who Does The Audit?

The audit is conducted and presented by one of our experts. Each audit requires an 8 hour commitment on our part to research and analyze your online brand, as well as your competitors. Our experts then create an actionable implementation guide customized for your specific web presence strengths and weaknesses.

$ 900
Audit Indexes

We measure your performance according to five areas of focus:

Visibility Index:
Can you be found through trusted online sources?
Education Index:
Do you educate your clients with content sources?
Business Index:
Do you differentiate your company with trusted value?
Process Index:
Do you set expectation and make it easy to buy?
Conversion Index:
Does your online brand persuade clients to take action?
IDI’s Online Brand Audit allowed us to quickly and accurately zero in on the strengths and weaknesses of our firm’s web presence. The exercise produced hard data with clear follow-up goals that we are currently in the process of implementing.
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